We serve the best Japanese wagyu.

All the beef used in MW is beef with a Japanese lineage.
Currently, it is very difficult to taste 100% wagyu not only oversea but also in Japan. Now you could try it here at MW.

"Matsusaka Beef is forbidden to export overseas, it is only available in Japan. Now at MW you could try our original brand beef.

Matsusaka beef has a very strict certification standard, it is also the only Japanese beef that is forbidden to export to overseas.
MW offers the highest quality Matsusaka beef that is carefully selected and purchased through a unique route that took care by its producers.
Matsusaka beef as a part of Japanese culture, also known as meat art in Japan.
Nagoya Station is easily accessible from the Shinkansen, that is why our restaurant is located here. We want all the travellers around the world could enjoy the rare Matsusaka beef here.
Matsusaka beef has a special sweetness and elegant fragrance, we promise you that you would fall in love with it.

Kuroge Wagyu beef raised in the magnificent environment of Unzen Fugendake Provide with a resonable price.

Japanese beef has the top reputation in the world. However, the price of Japanese beef increases each year. So that most Japanese people will no longer be able to eat Japanese Kuroge Wagyu as before.
MW uses the original branded Japanese beef, 100% pure-bred Japanese Kuroge Wagyu exported to Australia when the Wagyu is still young.
Then they will import the 100% Kuroge Wagyu back to Japan when it is 8-9 months old after brown and raised for 20 months at the base of Unzen Fugendake in Nagasaki Prefecture.
MW is the flagship restaurant that delivering the Wagyu value to all the customers around the world with a very reasonable price.