Try the best Wagyu that will melt in your mouth.

All the beef used in MW is beef with a Japanese lineage.
Our Matsusaka Beef passes the high standard check, was fed at Nagasaki Unzen Fugendake.
100% pure blood makes sure that the meat quality is the best.
We also provide original wagyu brand.
Now you could only try this top range beef here at MW.


What we offer is a purebred species called “Full Blood”. At MW you could try the traditional Japanese beef flavour.


We offer you the best Japanese beef steak, hamburg steak, roast beef, pasta, row ham, appetizer and other variety of dishes.
Lunchtime we have a special menu with excellent value and good price.


Our restaurant located on 12 floor inside JR Central Tower. We provide Japanese, English and Chinese menu for our international travellers.


“Matsusaka Beef is forbidden to export overseas, it is only available in Japan. Now at MW you could try our original brand beef.
Wagyu Italian Mw ‘s concept is to let more and more international travellers, foodies and local Japanese food lovers try the real taste of Matsusaka beef – and it is only available in Japan.
Only in Japan, now it is only available at MW.
You could experience the top-quality Matsusaka Beef dishes here with a very reasonable price.”

Starts from Matsusaka beef, to carefully picked wagyu beef.

At MW, our special menu will be Japanese Wagyu for sure. Our chef has the top cooking skill in order to serve you the best dishes that made with our original brand wagyu beef.

Now you could try the top-quality Japanese wagyu at one of the biggest restaurant floors in Japan.

Located at the top of JR Nagoya Station, [ Tower Plaza Restaurant Area]. The travel access here is excellent, it is very convenient for all the people around the area or who come from overseas.
You could try our original Japanese Wagyu dishes here in a very nice environment.